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Recent Cadet News

by | Jul 23, 2018 | ALERT Cadet

From the mountains of New Hampshire to the parks of California, from the hills of eastern Maryland to the lakes of Minnesota, from the blistering heat of Texas to the frigid waters of the Upper Penninsula of Michigan, ALERT Cadets are hiking, swimming, praying, climbing, learning, diving, serving and rappelling their way through great adventures.  Most importantly fathers and sons are connecting with each other in significant ways as they grow in Christ and build each other up.  But what excites me  most are the daily and weekly times dads and sons get together to pray, memorize Scripture and sharpen their focus and energies as Godly men using the various tools in the ALERT Cadet toolbox: handbooks, service projects, Scripture memory, Unit meetings and more. These men have caught the vision of raising up the next generation of strong, confident leaders who will impact their world for Christ. Take a look at some recent and upcoming Cadet events across the country!  (For information check out:

High Adventure Dive camp!!  Aug 19-25 Big Sandy TX. Dads and cadets 13 and up.  Families are welcome too!

Eastern Father/Son Camp 2– August 9-12.  SugarLoaf Mountain, MD.  Inviting all fathers and sons, not limited to Cadets, to deepen their relationship with their Heavenly Father and each other.  There will be river crossing,  rappelling, orienteering, hiking, and camping.

Passing a vision to the younger generation at the Sacramento ALERT Cadet Challenge and learning what it means to be “camped under my Fathers flag.”   The world is in desperate need of men who will answer God’s call from Isaiah 62:10 to “Lift up a standard for the people.”

Leading the Raymond NH Forth of July parade in fine style!  New Hampshire 1st Bravo!  “IT IS THE DUTY OF ALL NATIONS TO ACKNOWLEDGE THE PROVIDENCE OF ALMIGHTY GOD, to obey His will, to be grateful for His benefits, and humbly to implore His protection and favor.” – George Washington.  We remember those who have gone before and teach those coming after.

Maine 1st Bravo PT test!  PTX?  Old man discount?  Dads and sons document how they are doing yearly.

Good old fashioned hard work!  Maine 1st Bravo service project cleaning up an elderly widow’s yard.  Cadets are doing service projects individually, as families, as units and at camps.

          The Northeastern Father and Son camp was a success.  Mt. Monadnock was hiked. Dads and sons were encouraged. The official count is in!  15 cord of cut and split firewood from logs!  Strong work men! 41 fathers and sons attended the camp.