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Recent Cadet News

by | May 28, 2018 | ALERT Cadet, All News

RECENT CADET NEWS! High Adventure Camp coming to the ALERT Campus in Big Sandy, TX August 19th-25th.  This is a Dive Camp where Fathers and Sons age 13 and up will learn Scuba Diving and receive their Open Water Dive Certification. The South/Central LTC Camp will be held at the ALERT Campus in Big Sandy, TX August 19th-25th. This camp will equip Fathers and LTC Sons to have missions mindset as we learn what is required of leaders on the mission field at home and overseas. The High Adventure Camp and LTC Camp will run concurrently. Details are on the Cadet website under “Opportunities.”  Families of participants for these two camps are welcome to come for the week for relaxation and a light schedule of activities, joining the men for the evening meals and sessions.

What about the braid and ribbons?  Cadet Smith is wearing a braid because he said all the verses in the Novice handbook in one sitting.  He has ribbons for saying all the verses, for complicating a handbook in six weeks, and for completing phase one.  Congratulations Cadet Smith! Verses- Psalms 139, Proverbs 3:1-35, Ps 92:1-15

The young men who attend the ACCs this summer have been learning “We rest in thee”.   The legacy of Jim Elliot and Nate Saint lives on as a new generation learns the song that inspired them as they went into the bush.

Upcoming Father and Son Camp! July 25-29 at Mirror Lake State Park, near Baraboo, WI. More info on the website.

Cadets in Malaysia!

Remembering our men and women who have served.  Cadets have volunteered to help place flags on graves of veterans.

Specialist Edwards was able to attend the TX 3rd Bravo awards ceremony.

Please let the office know if you’d like him and and/or other Alert men (depending on availability) to come to ceremonies, camp outs or events your local unit is having.