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NEW! – ALERT Training Ribbon

by | Apr 6, 2022 | Updates, ALERT Cadet

This ribbon is awarded for attending International ALERT Academy and returning to Cadets. The idea is to encourage those who have trained at the ALERT Academy to return to Cadets to lead and share with the new skills they have acquired.

ALERT Training Award

Senior Leadership was looking for a way to acknowledge the character, skill, and leadership development that comes with ALERT training.  If a man puts on a green chambray after wearing the blue we realize that he is of enhanced value to ALERT Cadet.

This new award will be represented by a ribbon for advancement from ALERT Basic Training.  A bronze star may subsequently be earned for completion of Phase Two and again upon graduation after finishing Phase Three.  We will look to the ALERT Academy to determine if each of these trainings have been completed. 

Lt. Col. Doug Dagarin

Executive Officer